Magitek Designs - A Life Update

Hi there. You may remember this website, Magitek Designs, from ye olde times: I created this site in 2001 and it has been down since March 2012. Unfortunately, my site was hit with a SQL injection hack that I honestly cried over. I spent weeks trying to get my site back to normal, but I had little luck. I set it aside, hoping to get back to it, but life got in the way. I got my first full time job around the same time as the hack, and since then I launched another website called Craftcore that I've been focusing my energy into.

I didn't mean to abandon Magitek Designs. I still love coding and web design. But my focus shifted. I still have all the layouts and tutorials that I created. I just need to figure out a way to reconnect the pages together. I'm going to try again to get this put back together.

There are some resources still online you can access in the mean time:

I recently recieved a kind email that rekindled my spirit about Magitek Designs. Unfortunately I opened the email while juggling my infant son, and I don't know what happened to the email. It doesn't exist in my inbox, my archive, my deleted items, etc. I really wanted to respond but I can't find it. If you were that person, please email me again! I'd love to get in touch.

Love, Pange

(Updated: September 14, 2017)