About Faux Finishing

This site was created on March 11th 2004 to hold wallpapers that I have been creating. Most of them couldn't really fit onto other sites that are in my collective, so I'm using this site to hold wallpapers of any genre I decide to focus on.

Also, just as my enthusiasm for making wallpapers grew, my enthusiasm for coding PHP/MySQL based sites also grew. My skills in debugging are lacking, so I really need to work at this more. Really, I just wanted another site so that I can practice more. ;D What a good excuse this is.

The title of this web site is inspired by techniques that are performed on walls and furniture to immitate different effects, such as aging. The wallpapers I create (for the most part) start with a base image, and then many layers and filters (and faux finishes later) I have come up with a new product to decorate computers with. Huzzah!

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